Work in progress in the Long Gallery

Lauderdale Transformed Building Project

Our project, Lauderdale Transformed will:

-        Upgrade and renovate our facilities

-        Preserve our history dating back to 1582

-        Create more art, music and entertainment

-        Ensure our long-term financial future

We’ve raised a remarkable £2,150,000 - but there’s £300,000 still to go!

We’ve raised enough to start the building work before inflation and the building market force prices skyward - but we need your help to complete the project.

For example:

- We can afford to rewire the house, but we need funds to buy flexible and attractive light fittings to bring the galleries to life

- We can afford to do the carving and joinery on the unique 17th century ‘Nell Gwynn’s Bath’, but need funds for the marble shelf and surround to make it stand out in full splendour

- We can afford to employ a Heritage Education officer but needs funds to involve artists and historians to bring our history to life for young people

- We need to raise the money to install folding sliding doors which make the Learning Centre truly flexible increasing its use for arts and education.

- We need to raise the money for new doors and a new glass wall-screen to replace the current institutional fittings plus a new carpet will bring the Upper Gallery into the 21st century, reveal the features of past centuries and restore the sense of a ‘grand house’.

To make a donation to the project, please visit:

phot o fthe back of lauderdale house with a red poppy in the background

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We have just £300,000 to go!

Help Restore Nell Gwynn's Bath

A unique historical artefact