Behind the People

Trilby Piper's first solo exhibition

Behind the People presents a wide range of portraits, figurative drawings and paintings which reflect Trilby's fascination with the 'masks' people present on a daily basis to hide their emotions. Using colour and a variety of media, she seeks to unveil the real person behind an individual's public face. Along the way, she draws you into how she more generally views the world around her.  Her large paintings with broad brush strokes and a rainbow of colour become a physical expression of the emotions she seeks to portray. Smaller sketches offer up personal observations and a touch of humour.

Trilby comes from a creative family and has always been surrounded by art and music. She started drawing and painting whilst still at school, finding her own style when she was encouraged to experiment with bold abstract colours. She also plays numerous instruments, including piano, cello and guitar, and is studying music at the BIMM Institue London. In a similar way to how she uses different media to explore a range of emotions visually, she uses the different musical voices to create new songs.


Mon to Wed:  11am to 4pm

Thu & Fri: usually 11am to 4pm, but subject to private bookings so please call 020 8348 8716 to confirm

Sun: midday to 4pm

PRIVATE VIEW: 7.30 to 9.30pm on Thu 4 Jan

with an acoustic performance by Helena Deans at 8.30pm

Price band A B

Free Entry