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Lauderdale House

Art Deco Night Owls

In association with Nikki Santilli


The Art Deco Night Owls

The Art Deco Ball

Cassellah Presents The Art Deco Night Owls in association with Nikki Santilli.

The Art Deco Night Owls are specialists in the recreation of the music and atmosphere of the exhilarating Roaring 20s Jazz Age into the Swinging 30s. Said by an appreciative public, to effervesce like sparkling Champagne!

The Hot Dance Orchestra comprises eight talented multi-instrumentalists playing vintage instruments such as: original vintage era drum kit with period console, Chinese tom, temple blocks, crash/ accent / bell cymbals; bass sax, tuba, string bass – not of course all played at once !!

Banjo, piano, 2 saxophonists-playing soprano, alto, tenor, saxophones, clarinets, cornet, leader trombone

Vocal - Brian Webb one of the very best/most accurate male vocalists covering this period of music, be it as a 30’s crooner or as a driving 20s singer.

With us for The Art Deco Ball we have Nikki Santilli a leading early Jazz dancer to delight us with a dance or two. What will it be?!! Charleston, Blackbottom, Balboa? Most of the music from the period was actually written in Foxtrot rhythm, including perhaps surprisingly, The Charleston, Blackbottom and Varsity Drag!

Come to dance, or just come to listen and soak up the atmosphere, either way we’ll have a Ball!


Time: 20:00

Venue: Lauderdale House

Concessions for over 60s

Price band A B
Standard £15.00



to book

Box office: 01279 434796

Email: info@thenightowls.co.uk

Website: info@thenightowls.co.uk