Primary Schools Programme KS2

Free Visits to Lauderdale


Explore the deep history of Lauderdale House for free with our “Time Adventurers” learning pack and self-led sessions. Designed in partnership St Michael’s Church of England Primary School, the resources dive into the stories of the building and its residents with practical examples and creative activities.


“I learnt a lot about the history of the House. The backstories were very intense and amazing!” Year 6 Pupil, St Michael’s C of E Primary School


Choose from the following resources:

Lives of the Tudors
What was it like to live in a Tudor household? What materials did the Tudors use to build their houses? Why did they find a chicken built into the wall? 

Find out why they hid shoes and live chickens in the walls, and what happened when they were uncovered. (Covering subjects including History, English, Art, and Science.)


Lives of the Stuarts
What would life be like if you couldn’t practice your religion?

Explore the story of William Mead, an influential resident of Lauderdale House who fought for his religion and, in doing so, changed the legal system dramatically. (Covering the subjects of History, Religious studies, PSHE, and Drama.)


Lives of the Victorians
What was the House used for during Victorian times?

 Step into the shoes of a brilliant detective and use your powers of deduction to find out who used the house, exploring why the House and the park around it is kept open to everyone along the way. (Covering History, English, Art and PSHE)


Further Information 


1. Freely available resources provided at no cost (including an information pack for teachers, pre-visit introduction lesson plan, PowerPoint, session plan, activity sheets, a story book, and a follow-up activity) 

2. Optional pre-visit for teachers 

3. Space for bags, coats, and room for packed lunches 

4. Option to explore the beautiful park surrounding the historic site 

5. And an option to complete the Arts Award Discover  


To book please contact: Maddy Gilliam, Heritage Education Officer / 020 8348 8716