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Lauderdale House

Told Americans

Told Americans

Sunday 21 May

The UK experimental jazz collective 'Told Americans' are presenting their upcoming album along with music from their debut EP, released by Nub Music. It has been described as 'an atmospheric, poetic collection of themed moods which touch on the political and social aspects of modern life and how it affects the human condition'.

The trio recorded their first full album at the legendary Konk Studios at the end of 2016. The LP is a collage of fierce impressionism and creative abstraction of social themes, musical structures and styles, reflecting the band’s collective ethos. 'The ‘Told Americans’ were born from the passion of music and of wanting to connect with people, which means to be political', says bassist Mike Seal.

Their live performances are full of energy and passionate creativity. Free improvisation is at the very heart of the compositional style of the trio making every performance a unique experience. 'Expert musicianship mixed with a desire to truly experiment has resulted in this genre shaping Jazz/Dada-ist sound, which draws you into an unexplored evocative place of sounds, melancholy and music' Nub Music.


Time: 19:30

Venue: Lauderdale House

Price band A B
Standard £10.00



Website: www.billetto.co.uk/e/told-americans-tickets-191761