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Lauderdale House

Immersive French Baroque Performance Course




Rameau Academy

Immersive French Baroque Course

Featuring Robert Howarth - Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Conductor and Harpsichordist

The Rameau Academy is the UK's foremost academic-led performance course in the French Baroque vocal and instrumental reertoire of Jean-Philippe Rameau and his contemporaries. Both Choral and Performance courses will explore Charpentier's tragedie in musique, Acteon and other chamber music through workshops, masterclasses and dance sessions, culminating in a public performance.

You will have the opportunity to work with a musical team of experts including renowned materclass coach Rob Howarth (conductor/harpsicordists). We welcome applications from students, professional musicians and chamber ensembles and advanced amateur singers. The pitch for the course is A=415Hz.

Choral Course:

For advanced amateur singers

23 - 24 August 2017

Price - £80

Additional Day (22 August) £100

Performance Course:

For instrumentalists and singers, students, advanced amateurs or professionals

22 - 24 August 2017

Price - £170


For more information and to apply online please visit mameauensemble.com/rameauacademy / info@rameauensemble.com



Application deadline: Friday 30 June 2017

Venue: Lauderdale House

Application deadline Friday 30 June 2017

Price band A B

Email: info@rameauensemble.com

Website: rameauensemble.com/rameauacademy